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More than the Status Quo

Heidi was quiet and kind.  She told a story of years of infertility issues during her marriage and a recent separation from her husband.  In her grief she sought the comfort of a man who showed interest in her, a man who was exciting because he was an international business owner. When she realized she was pregnant the man insisted that she have an abortion because it was unacceptable in his culture to have a baby outside of marriage.   She sought our pregnancy services and met with a nurse numerous times. Heidi accepted encouragement, prayer, and a challenge to not make a final decision based on the wishes of another.  But, eventually, the man’s voice was louder. Just a few days before Christmas he took her to the abortion clinic to terminate the pregnancy.

Knowing she had a safe place to process her feelings and thoughts Heidi kept in contact with the nurse; on the day of the abortion and the days after.  And when she found this man had other partners and did not want anything to do with her after the abortion she knew who to call.

Heidi was worried and emotional when she came in for STI testing. She had tried to call the abortion clinic about her symptoms but had received no help from their office.  She said she was doing “fine” after the abortion, but then became tearful and shared details of the experience.  She listened as post-abortion resources were shared by the nurse; she said she wasn’t ready, but would know where to come when she was.

Heidi listened tearfully as the nurse told her she had not one, but two infections and would need to receive treatment that day.  She was grateful for the assistance – of testing, of medication, of resources, of a listening ear and prayer.  She was challenged by the nurse’s statement that she deserved a man who would make her a priority in his life.  And, she knew where she would go when she was ready for more than the status quo.