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When Macey* came to the clinic to verify her unwanted pregnancy she was adamant about having an abortion. She said the timing of this pregnancy did not align with her plans. As a courtesy, she let the father of the baby, Matt*, come along, but she was sure he didn’t want a kid either.

As the couple began their appointment, Macey sat with her Client Advocate to process her feelings about the pregnancy while Matt did the same with his own Client Advocate. Individually, both expressed a desire to be parents, but neither were sure of the timing.

Statistics report that 1 in 4 women in America choose abortion for an unplanned pregnancy.

It is also reported that 1 in 5 men are involved in an abortion choice for unplanned pregnancies.

The pregnancy test was positive, and an ultrasound was offered. Both parents watched as their tiny baby was shown on the monitor and the flicker of life, a tiny fetal heartbeat, was blinking clearly.

Matt suddenly felt empowered to speak up and share his heart to be a father. He squeezed Macey’s hand and told her, “I’ve never been a dad, but I’ve always wanted to be a father. We can do this.”

He later asked Macey to marry him so his name would be on their daughter’s birth certificate and together they could raise their daughter in love.

And you guessed it – Macey said yes! They were married in a little chapel nearby and their beautiful daughter carries her daddy’s name. For the rest of the story, stay tuned…baby number two is now on the way!

“Abortion is not a women’s issue…it’s not a man’s issue…it is a human issue that touches all of us.”

During this Father’s Day season, thank a dad who wears his fatherhood with honor and respect – we can never replace the impact of loving daddies on their kiddos!

*Names changed to protect client confidentiality.