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This week two of our staff members visited with some friends from Canada about the transition to medical (ultrasound and STI services) and what we have learned over the years of offering these services.

Our team started the trip with an expectation to share knowledge and empower those in attendance.  However, our team came away as having received as much from the Canadian groups as we were honored to share ourselves!

Here are some important “takeaways” from our time with our friends up north:

  1. The LifeChoices team was impressed by the support and encouragement between the Canadian centers. There was an obvious sense of community and collaboration exhibited by the Canadian centers.
  2. The open dialogue between the centers, even when different viewpoints and opinions were obvious, was impressive. The ability and willingness of the centers to dig through the “tough stuff” was eye opening.
  3. The conference opened our eyes to the blessings we have in America with the current rights of medical professionals to provide appropriate and applicable medical services in the majority of states without threat to our professional licenses. This is not an assumption that is made by the Canadian centers and yet, they are fighting to move forward with much-needed medical services for those they desire to serve.
  4. We in America must remain focused and continue to move forward, because the political and healthcare dynamics in America could change at any time and we could be delving into those same hard issues. And, would we be willing to fight so hard to get there?
  5. We were reminded of the importance of constant vision casting and creatively listening to the needs of the communities that we serve in order to remain relevant with excellent, quality medical services.

It is important for pregnancy medical clinics in the United States to continue partnering together in order to strengthen our movement as a whole. We will all grow individually as we collaborate with other clinics that are both close to us in proximity and close in methodology.

Please pray for our friends in Canada as they fight the uphill battle for their transitions to medical clinics.  They are dedicated to this transition and we are excited to see what the coming years bring up north.