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When Services Come Full-Circle…
By: Seantel Coffey, Client Services Director

TheCouple2Expanding our services to include STI testing and male advocacy have helped tremendously in our fight for the life of the unborn. It seems unusual, but it is undeniably true.
Case in point: Very nervously, a young couple approached the reception window, gathering paperwork to fill out. When it was returned to our receptionist, Abbey (the female client) shared that her partner had zero interest in being seen and had waded up the paperwork to be thrown away. I asked her to have him come to the window so he could pick up his ID and when he approached he said, “I don’t even know why I’m here. She doesn’t want me here and she’s going to kill it anyway.”
Those words broke my heart. I told him, “We are so glad you are here and you are a very important part of this situation. Please stay just a few minutes and let me get one of our guys to chat with you.” Reluctantly, he agreed. I enlisted one of our male advocates to visit with Jake and the rest of the appointment proceeded as normal.
During her meeting with her advocate, Abbey cried that she just couldn’t have this baby. You see, she is from another country and her family isn’t able to help her. Jake doesn’t work and she is in college, so who is going to pay all the bills that come with a baby? And there is no way she can finish school with a baby in tow… On and on she shared a heartbreaking story of mounting issues that were going to keep this child from taking it’s first breath.
At the same time, just down the hall, Jake was sharing that he wanted a reason to clean up his life, a reason to get up and go to work every day. Jake wanted to be a good dad! Our male advocate praised and encouraged him, fanning the flame of Jake’s desire to become a father.
Jake and Abbey were brought back together for the ultrasound and upon seeing that little flicker of a heartbeat, hope seemed to enter the room. As Jake and Abbey left their appointment Jake double back to the reception window, leaned over and said, “Thank you for having me stay today. I’m really glad I got to talk with someone. It changed everything.”
They left with a new resolve…to give life to their baby.
The next day we got a call from Abbey that she had become very sick from taking the treatment for an STI she had tested positive for. She came back to the clinic to be re-treated and she shared that she was still wanting to have the baby but was really scared that Jake wouldn’t follow through with his voiced support. Because of that STI appointment we had yet another opportunity to speak life into her scary situation. She left that day even more convinced that choosing life was the right choice for her.
And to think, how differently that situation could have turned out if it wasn’t for our incredible team! That’s what it takes for each and every client – a team of advocates (both male and female), medical professionals, people to work the front desk, prayer partners, and so many more!