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Battle of the Sexes 2015

Battle of the Sexes 2015 was simply amazing and a huge success! 

IMG_0265We had the opportunity to serve High School Juniors from Joplin, Carthage, Webb City and Carl Junction. Through this event, we were able to empower nearly 1,400 students to make healthy choices regarding life, relationships and dating. Many students have praised this event as one of their best high school experiences. One school administrator remarked, “The material covered at Battle of the Sexes would be very difficult for us as a school to provide.

While it is always great to hear such positive feedback from school faculty and students, the most rewarding aspect of the program is the impact it has on the students’ lives. Some of the impacted students make their way to our clinics seeking testing or further advice. One such teen came to the Joplin clinic and shared about his experience at Battle of the Sexes and how the message left him wanting to change his lifestyle. As he shared his story it became evident that everyone in his life expected him to follow the destructive path, taught to him by the generational cycle in which he grew up.

However, through the program he was encouraged to be an overcomer and rise above his environment. It was an honor to meet with this young man and hear his resolve, all the while knowing that through your generosity countless lives, such as his, have had a chance to be empowered to choose better paths in life. Thank you, because of your faithfulness we are able to pour deeply into the lives of our community with a message of hope and healing.

Want to know more about what happens at Battle of the Sexes?
What the fun video below!


Battle of the Sexes: 2015 from LifeChoices on Vimeo.