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Because of you…

Some months there are no more eloquent words to say than, “thank you”.

Thank you for remembering this ministry so faithfully. Thank you for caring enough to make a financial sacrifice so that those who need us most can receive care, help and hope. Thank you for believing all lives are sacred and worth defending. Thank you for believing in the next generation enough to support its future through this work.

In just the last month we saw a young woman whose heart was changed and who chose to parent because of the image of her baby kicking away on the screen; we built a relationship with a student who often feels different and overlooked but left our Compass class feeling acknowledged and empowered; we counseled a young man who decided to step up and father a baby who otherwise would never have a dad.

We appreciate you and we appreciate your heart for all that happens here. Because of you, this ministry is stronger than ever. Together, we are changing the culture – and we are thankful you’re joining us in this journey.

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