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Cross-cultural missions…in our very own backyard!

By July 2, 2015July 6th, 2015Client Story, Testimonial

girl reading bookSometimes it can be so easy to forget that we have opportunities every day to do cross-cultural missions in our very own communities. Just last week, in the midst of our “normal” unintended pregnancy and STI clients, God opened doors for us to step into cultures very different than our own. These are just two of those stories…

A young woman came in for a pregnancy test and when asked about a faith support system, Ashley* shared that she comes from a lineage of witches with various “powers” and that she is always seeking to better understand those powers. Her advocate continued the conversation by simply asking if she had ever read the Bible, a book that addresses all sorts of powers, situations, and emotions. Ashley responded, “sadly, no.” Her advocate was able to send Ashley home with a New Testament, and encouraged her to continue seeking the Higher Power in it’s pages.

In another room was Troy*, who practices an ancient mythological religion. Troy and his advocate began a conversation about seeking out Heavenly places here on earth. As the conversation progressed, his advocate was able to share with him about the phenomenal possibility for us all to become sons of God, because of the one true Son of God.

We have no way of knowing the work that God is doing in the hearts of Ashley and Troy, but we do know that by being available to serve their physical needs we are given a pathway into their culture and their lives, and hopefully the opportunity to show them Jesus.

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*All names of clients or their family members have been changed for confidentiality purposes.