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Cups of Mercy

By December 8, 2018Uncategorized

Recently a dear friend stopped by our offices, and from beneath his jacket he brought out a gift wrapped carefully in tissue paper. He proceeded to tell the most amazing story…

Sister Catherine McCauley devoted her life to the ministry of mercy for women and children. In her final hours, she looked at those around her and made a simple request – ‘be sure and prepare a good cup of tea for the sisters coming from afar.’ She knew she would not be present to give them the warm gift of hospitality after their long travels to take up serving in her place.

As we unwrapped the gift of a treasured teacup, given from a family china collection, our friend shared, “LifeChoices has shared the cup of mercy and compassion with thousands in our community. What your team does to serve others shows that the art of hospitality and compassion has not ceased, but draws the hurt and broken hearted through your doors day after day.”

Thank you for the hospitality you extend to so many all year long through with the gifts you share with LifeChoices! We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!