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Did You Know?

shutterstock_151506824Did you know…  the $100-billion pornography industry is fueling the appetite for children, with teenage girls now making up the biggest portion of viewable online porn?*

Did you know… just last year the Southwest Missouri Cyber-Crime Task Force identified 177 child victims of sexual exploitation in our local communities?

Our youth are facing more pressures than ever before, and lurking within the internet are people waiting to exploit them. In an attempt to protect our students, LifeChoices’ school programming team has spent the Summer doing in-depth research on pornography, trafficking and cyber-safety, and is adding this crucial information to our 10-day adolescent sexual health program, Compass.

Helping teens make healthy choices has always been the mission of LifeChoices. Bringing awareness to these ever-growing problems is the next step in equipping teens and their parents with the knowledge needed to protect themselves, their friends and our community as a whole.

LifeChoices school programs are making a difference in our youth! One area student recently said this:

This program has helped me realize that having sex is really serious and has helped my communication with my parents. I will always remember this. Thank you, Compass!

Thank you for your partnership that makes serving over 8,000 students in 14 school districts a reality. Will you join us in praying for these students, their parents, and our Compass team as they prepare to embark on another school year? We couldn’t do what we do without you!

*Watson, Connie. “The Globalization of Sex.” CBC News. CBC/Radio Canada, 18