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Empowering Men for Fatherhood

Last month as we celebrated Father’s Day, the LifeChoices team reflected on how excited we are about the opportunity we have to speak into the lives of young men in our communities.

A new father that we recently had the opportunity of meeting with shared the following statement about our services: “I pushed my dad out at an early age and to have another man to speak with helped a lot. Your advice and knowledge was taken to heart, and I appreciate your help in this “dad” journey. Thank you again so much for everything today. I feel like I’ve got someone in my corner.

We believe in the importance of fathers and we strive to empower young men in their, often times, unexpected fatherhood journey. We seek to affirm their important role as a dad and provide them with tools, resources, and encouragement that they don’t have to walk this path alone. Meeting with these men each day means that we have the privilege to sow seeds and share about the perfect Father that so many don’t know.

Thank you for your generous support that allows us this humbling opportunity. If you are interested in investing in the lives of men and families in our community please feel free to give me a call any time. We would love to visit with you more about this amazing ministry!