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Problem Child…

By February 29, 2016Uncategorized

Do you know someone who has been labeled a “problem child”?
Or maybe you once bore that label yourself?

man prayingA few years ago I met Kaleb*, a 9th grade student in my Compass class and I was quickly warned that he would likely be a disruption. I connected with Kaleb on many levels; just seven years earlier I had been given that same label.

To everyone’s surprise, during the 10-day program Kaleb actually became one of my best students. On the final day of class I wrote Kaleb a note telling him how much I enjoyed having him in my class. I told him that I believed in him and that he had great potential.

Six months later I ran into Kaleb. He shared that his life had been tough – experiencing the death of a close friend and handling a lot of issues at home. He made the statement, “I have every reason to not have faith in God.” This gave me the perfect opportunity to share my own story with Kaleb and how I learned to see God’s faithfulness amidst my struggles. He then asked, “Do you remember that note you wrote me?” Tears filled his eyes, “I use it as a bookmark. I see it every day. It gives me hope.

A couples weeks later I heard from Kaleb again. “I can’t stop thinking about our conversation. What you said made so much sense. I know that I need God in may life. I don’t want to live for me anymore. It hasn’t gotten me anywhere.” We prayed together and Kaleb asked Jesus to be Lord of his life that day.

Each day at LifeChoices we meet people who wear the labels “dirty”, “baby daddy”, “used”…the list goes on and on and on. Just as God used a little note to draw Kaleb to himself, God uses your gifts to share hope and truth with our clients. Because of Christ we are all “redeemed”, “chosen”, “beautiful”….

Thank you so much for your partnerships that really do change lives.

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