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Reaching Dads & Restoring Families

At LifeChoices we believe in the importance of fathers and are not only committed to saving babies, but saving families as well.

We recently had a pregnant couple attend our prenatal parenting classes who had separated due to ongoing relationship issues and addictive drug use. During the first session of class, the father learned that at the current stage of his baby’s development it already had the capability of identifying voices. But, due to their relationship issues, his child would not yet know he or she had a father. Their baby had hardly ever heard his voice. He became distraught and paced around our building grieving his situation and pleaded for help to start down a better path for himself, his relationship, and his baby. A plan was made for drug rehab and ongoing counsel. At his next visit the mother of the baby also accompanied him and together they began taking steps for reconciliation…

Our investment in the cause of life extends far beyond the pregnancy test and ultrasound. Your investment into our clients is restoring families, one life at a time.

For more information on our Project Blueprint men’s advocacy services and how you can get involved, call Clarke at 417.623.0131!