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Reaching Them Both

26382040_mlInstead of filling out the office paperwork, Jake crumpled the forms and handed them back through the reception window. “I don’t even know why I’m here. She doesn’t want me here and she’s going to kill it anyway.”

Seantel, Client Services Director at Choices Medical in Joplin, realized that Jake was not angry with her, but responding out of heartache that his girlfriend was planning to abort their unborn child. “We are glad you are here. Jake, you are an important part of this situation. Won’t you please stay for just a while? I’ll get one of the male advocates to come and talk with you.” Reluctantly, Jake agreed.

Jake and Abbey’s situation was very tough – college, bills, families depending on them…there seemed to be no way they could support a baby right now. But together they watched the ultrasound monitor and hope began to flicker, just like the baby’s beating heart. They left that day, BOTH of them determined that they could work through their issues and give life to their baby.

As they were walking out the clinic door, Jake turned around and said to Seantel, “Thanks for talking me into staying today. I’m really glad that I got to talk to someone – it changed everything!

Thank you so much for your gifts that enable LifeChoices to share HOPE in seemingly hopeless circumstances. Reaching out with God’s love really does change everything.