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The Power of Chocolate

Never underestimate the power of a kind word…and chocolate.

Hershey-ClearA young woman came to the front window of our clinic very distraught. Her marriage had not gone as planned and she felt like her world was falling apart. She had come to our clinic for STI testing because she was no longer sure of the faithfulness of the person she loved.

Taking a few moments just to listen, Teri, one of our staff members, told her how sorry she was that she had to walk through this season of life and that she would pray things would go well. Teri offered her a small piece of chocolate saying, “I know this won’t fix your problems, but know that we care.” The woman went on to her appointment with our medical staff, and Teri went on about her day.

When the woman came back in two weeks later for her test results she saw Teri again and said, “You are the one who talked to me last time, and I brought this for you and everyone here. You made such a big difference.” With that, she pulled out a WHOLE BAG of the same chocolate bar that Teri had shared with her.

A kind word and a small piece of chocolate may not make anyone’s world look brighter, but then again…it just might.

Individuals facing a sexual health crisis often feel shame, embarassment and as though they have no one to turn to. Because of you  we were able to show this woman, and the rest of those we serve, love, grace and compassion. Thank you.