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Thank you for standing with LifeChoices.

In the book “Tattoos of the Heart” author Father Boyle says that “Justice is NOT a cause you talk about, but the space where you choose to stand.” The world is watching each of us to see where we stand. At LifeChoices we have the privilege of standing for justice, mercy and HIS bountiful redeeming love.

After a recent college class toured one of the Choices Medical clinics a student wrote: “The work at LifeChoices blew me away. The gentleness, compassion and the love in that building is astounding. I can’t imagine how welcome I would feel if I needed their services…the mission of LifeChoices is one I respect and one I wish more Christians followed.”

Thank you for your gifts that make it possible for us to stand together in the schools, to sit in the clinics and deploy into our community.