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Lauren visited our clinic determined to terminate her pregnancy. She was scared and alone, and our team suspected that she was in an abusive relationship. She was not interested in considering other options, but our team gently shared adoption resources with her and encouraged her to take time in making a decision. After Lauren left our clinic that day, we lost contact with her…

Several months later, our helpline phone volunteer received an early-morning call from Lauren. Her boyfriend had assaulted her and she was in a local hospital. She would be having an emergency c-section and she desperately wanted someone from our team to bring her adoption referral information. Lauren’s Client Advocate quickly responded and sat by her side throughout the entire delivery process. Once her son was born, we connected Lauren with an adoption agency and supported her as she made the hardest and bravest decision she had ever made – to place her son in the loving arms of another family.

Unfortunately, so many people in the world haven’t experienced the unconditional love that we receive as adopted children of our heavenly Father. But with your support, women like Lauren are able to create new futures for their children. Because of your gifts, a family in our community is able to celebrate Christmas with an extra bundle of joy this year. Thank you!

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.

Photo Credit: aywan88