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The text popped up on the phone, “I have some exciting news!”

With great exuberance, the young single mother proudly proclaimed that she had passed her GED with flying colors and was now contemplating college.  Through the stillborn of a baby and a rough unplanned pregnancy, we forged a sweet relationship of care and compassion. We dreamed with her about the steps that she could take to leave the sex industry and begin a healthier career path. Now, after 6 years of loitering with intent in her life, she is edging closer to her goal.

While her GED testing fees had been waived, she was struggling to help her younger sister pay for her GED also. Because of your partnership with LifeChoices, we were able to help her sister, who is a single teen mom, accomplish her goal to get her GED as well!

LifeChoices chooses to not only respond to the crisis of the moment in the exam rooms, but we extend our services through our parenting classes, care coordination appointments, newborn supplies, and other innovative means of relational connections. These opportunities allow ongoing, life-affirming spiritual transformations.

Thank you for investing with LifeChoices so that we can invest deep into families and empower them to break the cycle of poverty and spiritual brokenness in their lives. We faithfully serve because of your steadfast generosity.