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Summer is winding down and soon our calendars will turn to fall. For many, this means fuller calendars and an extra sense of busyness in our lives. This tends to be true for the team at LifeChoices, too.

A new school year means that we are teaching our Prevention Services programs in area schools again, our mobile medical unit is back in action on college campuses, and new relationships begin to blossom as students reconnect after the summer break. Naturally, this brings an increase in need for the services provided at our medical clinics.

Those who come through our doors need hope. We have this hope. They often need practical solutions to real problems. We provide this, too. Many need a hand to hold during a turbulent storm in their lives. We want to help lead them through the chaos and toward a place of peace and hope.

And you make this happen. Your support gives us the ability to share hope, help, and possibly even healing, with all who need it.

Thank you for making a difference in their lives. You are appreciated and as we look toward fall, we look ahead to providing more hope—together.