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From classrooms to summer camps, in the clinics, and yes, even to the jails, the LifeChoices team is ever educating, empowering, and advocating for thousands of individuals in our community every year.

Recently a call came from a regional FBI Task Force Officer. A young woman who was missing for over 3 years had been picked up and was being held at the local jail for questioning. As I walked in with the detective, I introduced myself and offered her a cold soda and a bag filled with everything a woman might need. I let her know I was a nurse who cared about her safety. When the detective explained how long he had been searching for her, she began to cry. “I didn’t think anyone cared – I didn’t know anyone was even looking.”

Several weeks later she sent the following text – “I’ve been in church every day I can possibly go since I saw you and it’s been the best thing that’s ever happened in my life.”

Because of financial partners like you, gifts given to LifeChoices allow a touch of mercy and love to shine in hearts of many who have been wounded and hurt by the exploitation and sin of others.

Thank you for all you do to see that the hearts of many have access to the love of our Lord.

Karolyn Schrage
Executive Director