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Our hearts leap for joy when we see God turn a crisis of desperation into a miracle of blessings. Your partnership makes this a reality every day at LifeChoices!

We recently had a local student with an unplanned pregnancy come through our clinic doors. She felt that she needed to terminate her pregnancy, but was seeking for the hope and love that our Choices Medical team could provide. She received encouragement and support, as well as an ultrasound and various resources. A few months later we received the following text:

“I am doing well, thank you for checking! After finding an adoptive family through your referrals, I was induced and had an emergency c-section. That was a bit scary, but all is well for me and baby. He has two loving adoptive parents and a big sister too! Thank you for all your kindness and help. Being able to find Choices and have unbiased assistance made it much easier to take a step in the right direction.

This message was received with tears of celebration from our team. But we want you to know that YOU are a vital part of this miracle story!

Thank you for making a difference in the life of this teen, for the “unplanned” baby, and for a family that received a beautiful gift of life in their family.