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Stories are all around us. We hear them when we talk on the phone, as we connect with friends at gatherings, even on social media. Stories create the fabric of our lives.

At LifeChoices we see stories created and renewed every day. A client comes in facing incredible odds and challenges, and as we reach out to them with medical services and community resources, we see their story re-written with love, grace, and hope.

Even as I write this letter, I am in awe of the stories we were a part of today. I think of the young girl who is terrified by the news of an unplanned pregnancy. I think of the new mom who is panicked about her future because her boyfriend has kicked her out of their house. I think of the beautiful young lady that has had her life turned upside down by the exploitation of others and is now fighting for mental and physical stability.

We don’t always know the outcomes of the stories we are a part of, but we know that because of your partnership, people are experiencing hope at LifeChoices every single day. We love sharing these stories with you. We are truly a team, and we could not do this without you!