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As I work at my desk today I can hear the sweet chirp of birds as they soak up the sunshine while sitting on a budding tree branch. I thought to myself, “Spring has sprung!” and I smiled as I reflected on the refreshing feeling that a beautiful spring day can bring after a long winter.

At LifeChoices a central theme of our mission is hope. Every day we see clients arrive to our clinic who look scared and overwhelmed, but they often leave with a renewed sense of peace and hope for the future. One client recently shared after her appointment, “Thank you for being so compassionate and kind. You eased my concerns and made me feel so comfortable.”

I would like to think that the kindness and compassion that our team shares with our clients every day is much like a beautiful spring day in the middle of a hard winter season. Our staff and volunteers are able to share a supernatural hope with those we serve by offering them a loving smile, a sweet word of encouragement, professional medical care, and resources for a brighter future. And this is only possible because of YOU.

Thank you for your support which allows LifeChoices to continue our important mission of providing hope and second chances in a compassionate way to nearly 15,000 people every year.