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One of my favorite things about LifeChoices is the strong spirit of determination and adaptability in our organization. No hurdle is too great for us to attempt if it means that providing hope and healing to someone is possible.

This often leads to our team serving in unique ways – providing ultrasounds on a school gym floor, flying with trafficking survivors to safety, or providing STD testing to inmates (just to give a few examples.)

Recently our team walked into a local jail and had a full docket of individuals to serve. Alexa* seemed to have an upbeat demeanor while she was waiting for her appointment, but once she had privacy with our team she immediately began to cry. Her nurse comforted her and told her that God loves her deeply, to which she replied, “Even if I’m in here?!” This gave our team the incredible opportunity to not just provide physical care for Alexa, but to share with her about faith and true freedom with Jesus that day.

This month as we celebrate the great freedoms of our nation, we want to thank you for allowing us to share about the greatest freedom of all with those we serve.

We deeply appreciate you!

*Names changed to protect client confidentiality.