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“No one who hopes in you will ever be put to shame…” – Psalm 25:3

Shame is a common emotion that our team sees over and over again in young people as they seek refuge from the chaos of a complicated world. An unplanned pregnancy, secrets of untold child abuse, sexual assault, years of sexual exploitation…

Only hope can ease their pain and direct them down the path to restoration.

It’s your gifts and the resources that you share to support the work of LifeChoices that bring hope each and every day to so many.

A couple of weeks ago, in the cold of the night, our team was present as law enforcement brought in one after another young woman caught in the web of the commercial sex industry. As we covered each one in a warm blanket, provided them a hot meal, offered them medical services and a safe place to stay – once again, hope was present!

Thank you for the hope you share each time you share your gifts. Without your help, HOPE couldn’t thrive.

Because of your gifts, we are given opportunities to pray, to connect, and to build bridges to healthy lifelong outcomes.

Thank you for sharing hope with a world haunted by unnecessary shame.