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According to the Barna Group, listening without judgment is the most important quality non-Christians and lapsed Christians look for when seeking out a person to talk with about faith. However, only a minority (34%) feel as though the Christians they know personally possess this quality.

This information was recently sent to me with a note saying, “The LifeChoices team does this so well. They listen without judgment and they communicate so effectively.

Every day patients and students are served in the Four States Area through God’s work at LifeChoices. Thank you for your generosity that makes this ministry possible!

After their most recent visit to one of our medical clinics, one patient recently shared, “I can honestly say if it was not for LifeChoices, I wouldn’t be where I am today! You all saved me in many ways and I’ll forever be blessed to have crossed your path.”

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to listen to so many in our communities who are in need of a God who is always ready and waiting to hear the cries of their heart.