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She was found huddled by a backyard woodpile, scared, shaking, and covered with only a sheer curtain as protection against the freezing temperatures. The 911 responders wrapped her in blankets and quickly transported her to an area hospital.

As the officers spoke with her they identified several indicators reflective of sexual exploitation. Instantly they placed a call for assistance. The 24-hour RISE (Regional Intervention for Sexual Exploitation) hotline rings directly to our LifeChoices team, who serves as the Victims Services Response Team for our community.

We quickly responded with a go-bag filled with personal hygiene items and clothing. A care plan for safety and a new beginning was offered, and with a volunteer pilot and security assistance on standby, a plan was orchestrated to take her far away from her traffickers. After a long flight to her new sanctuary, she reached out to our team with this message…

“Thank you so much for everything. You truly saved my life and I will forever be indebted to you. God bless you and all the rest of your angels. God bless and thank you.”

Your partnership with LifeChoices extends hope to the hopeless and help to the “least of these.” Thank you for your financial blessings that shower the compassion of Christ into the lives of so many.