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Because HE is the light!

By December 7, 2017Uncategorized

She made her way across the crowded room to me and pulled up a photo on her phone, “She’s here! Baby Evie* came earlier than expected!” Tiny delicate fingers from inside an incubator were curled around her daddy’s index finger. “She was supposed to be a Valentine delivery but instead is a Thanksgiving miracle! Only two pounds, but she is breathing on her own and is amazing. Mom and Dad are doing well too.” Just a couple months earlier this excited grandma-to-be had pulled me aside to thank our team for being there for her son and his girlfriend who suddenly found themselves facing an unexpected pregnancy.

Every year as the Christmas season approaches I can’t help but reflect on another un-expecting young couple that found themselves facing an unplanned pregnancy. To Mary and Joseph the timing must have seemed so unfair, but in God’s timing it was the perfect plan.

According to recent research, more than 1 in 3 women were attending a Christian church once a month or more at the time of their first abortion. However, only 24% of women indicated that church influenced their decision. LifeChoices seeks to be an extension of the church family, providing a safe place where young men and women from all backgrounds, religions, and cultures can find a Christ-centered professional medical team to provide these vital medical services.

Whether by using a star over Bethlehem or an ultrasound at the clinic, our Father seeks to draw those in a world of chaos and confusion to the warmth of HIS light. Your partnership with LifeChoices shines that light to many.