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The price was negotiated through an online chat and the young mother of two waited for the buyer to show up. Her two-year-old was quietly sleeping in the bed next to her in the rundown motel room that was serving as ‘home.’ She just needed one more quick trick to make sure that she could pay for the room and some food for her family. Her “friend” who facilitated the deal was stoically seated just inside the room as they waited.

A knock finally came on the door, and they were both shocked to find law enforcement officers on the other side. They had been caught in a human trafficking operation and suddenly their night took a very unexpected turn. Law enforcement officers breached the door, made sure the space was safe and secure, and then began to assess the situation. Because of you and other financial partners of LifeChoices, our medical team was on stand-by to provide the essential services needed for this young woman, and the other women who were identified during this two-day operation.

Jazmin* sadly recounted a life of exploitation and defeat. Trying to provide the bare necessities for her children – a two and five-year-old – she turned to the one thing she knew she could sell – herselfOur medical team offered confidential and compassionate testing, and confirmed what Jazmin suspected – she was pregnant again. With a mobile unit equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to provide immediate ultrasound images, a tiny flicker of a heartbeat reflected on the monitor.

With Jazmin’s permission, the nurse and the advocate prayed with her, and she was assisted with temporary shelter while her children were taken into protective custody until advocates were able to make a permanent housing plan for the entire family. Our team also visited with Jazmin about counseling and other ongoing services.

Thank you for making safety an option for those being exploited in our communities, and for the voiceless victims in the wombs of many.

Your gifts make a difference in our world today!

*Name changed to protect client confidentiality.