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“I brought my friend. She needs you, too.”

By October 13, 2017Uncategorized

As I walked a patient through our lobby to the front door, I noticed a tiny baby nestled on her momma’s chest. I stopped, knelt down and admired the beautiful head of dark hair. The mother beamed, gladly shared her daughter’s name. “I found out I was pregnant here at this clinic. That’s why I brought my friend here. She needs you too.” I didn’t ask her friend’s name or the reason they came to us, but thanked her for being such a good friend.

A little while later, there was a soft knock on my office door. One of our staff asked if she could get a tube of chapstick with our 24-hour text line printed on it. A young woman had been brought in by a friend thinking she might be pregnant. It turns out the international college student had fallen on hard times and was couch-surfing from place to place. She soon found herself exchanging sexual favors for basic sustenance and was frightened and ashamed. Our team was able to provide the testing needed and give her a lifeline to a way out. A plan to safety was declined, but she tucked the tube of chapstick in her pocket promising to return for her results within a week.

These are the everyday moments of hope that are made possible by your generosity to LifeChoices. Not everyone will instantly gravitate to a healthy choice, but the trust earned by serving one, often leads to hope paid forward to another. Over 3,500 individuals come through our doors to receive medical care each year. May you find rich blessings in knowing that your partnership with LifeChoices is the instrument of love to many in our community that need His touch.