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“I can’t do this!”

By January 4, 2016Uncategorized

In January each year we reflect on the Sanctity of Human Life – how each life is special and created by a loving Father for His purpose and plan. Sadly, not all respect the gift of life that God so graciously gives…

44096031_mlAlready in the procedure room at the clinic, Tara knew she could not do the very thing she came for…abort her unborn child. She told the doctor, “I can’t do this!” Throwing her chart across the room, the doctor told her, “If you don’t get rid of this parasite right now, it will be too late to do it.”

Tara got dressed and went to meet her husband in the waiting room. Assuming she had aborted, he held her close, whispering how sorry he was. Tara told him she couldn’t go through with the procedure and he began to cry, “I’m so glad…all the way here I wanted to tell you that I didn’t want to do this. We will make this work.”

When Tara told us of her decision to carry she also shared how the help she received gave her the courage to choose life for her child.

Thank you for your gifts and support, which enable us to share God’s wonderful gift of life with all who enter our clinics.