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The Sweetest Gift

The Choices Medical Mobile Unit has provided LifeChoices with an amazing opportunity to serve women who are working hard to make a new start in life. Twice a month our mobile unit team partners with Lafayette House and every time we are honored to hear the incredibly moving stories of the women we serve there.

We have talked to young women who were started on drugs by their parents. Others tell of being pimped out, or left alone on the street by their boyfriends. Some have had abortions, while others are fighting hard to retain custody of their children. Many of their stories are completely heart wrenching, but imbedded in each story is the ringing sound of hope and determination. Often, we hear how they have experienced the power and love of God.

It’s not unusual for the women at Lafayette House to make a comment about how kind our team is or how thankful they are for our services. However, we are the ones that feel as though we have been given the sweetest of gifts by having the privilege to serve them.

Thank you for making this incredible opportunity possible!