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“I can’t do this.” These are words we so often hear from women who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant. Sarah* recently came to one of our clinics for a pregnancy test and she shared this feeling, too. “I can’t do this…”

The last few months had been tumultuous for Sarah. She had bounced between unstable relationships and abusive situations and she had now found herself with an unplanned pregnancy. She felt as though she would suffocate under the weight of seemingly impossible circumstances. Thankfully, Sarah made an appointment at one of our clinics and our caring team was able to speak truth and love into her life. Not only did Sarah receive essential medical care, but our team encouraged her that she can do this! A few weeks after her initial appointment, Sarah returned to our clinic for a second ultrasound. This time, her demeanor had changed – she seemed full of hope and determination. She shared that she had prayed about her situation and had decided to parent her baby!

We hear stories like Sarah’s each and every day. Our two medical clinics and our mobile medical unit serve nearly 4,500 people each year. While it could be easy to be discouraged by the hardships and heartbreak that so many people are faced with, our team knows that intentional investment into the lives of others is sometimes all that it takes to make a lasting impact for generations to come. We could not continue helping thousands of people each year without your help. Thank you so much!

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.