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Several years ago, our team began to feel a deepened burden for young men who unexpectedly found themselves as soon-to-be fathers. We would watch as they sat in our lobby and waited with anticipation while their partner was taking a pregnancy test, visiting with our team, and receiving her first ultrasound. Culture had told them that their voice didn’t matter, so they quietly sat and waited. Women who were facing unplanned pregnancies were facing them alone…

We quickly got to work creating a new program designed to empower young men to proudly and confidently step into their roles as fathers. The feedback from our clients was astounding! Women felt more supported than ever before and men suddenly showed a new excitement for the journey ahead. One young man shared with us, “The first time I came here, you treated me like the boyfriend. This time you treated me like the father.

We have an incredible team of men that volunteer their time with our clients every week. They have proudly served nearly 3,500 men since 2013 and last year we provided fatherhood services to almost 400 men in our community!

This month as we celebrate fathers and their important role in our families, we want to thank you for believing in the young men in our community. Your gift to LifeChoices is telling a new father, “I believe in you.” And that gift is priceless.