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Her world was turned upside down. A continent away from her family, Alexis* came to America to receive a college education. However, the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted the semester and a relationship gone amiss left her facing an unplanned pregnancy alone. She had nowhere to turn and decided an abortion was her only option.

She reached out to our clinic helpline and an appointment was quickly scheduled. She was shocked when an ultrasound revealed that she was much farther along than she had anticipated, but the compassionate response of the Choices Medical team empowered her to value the life within her. Our team was able to share hope and resources with her, including a prayer before she left.

A week later, Alexis’ smile in our clinic hallway was contagious. This once scared young college student had returned for another ultrasound and she proudly let the team know that she had changed her mind about this pregnancy. She was ready to face the journey ahead as a new mother.

Thanks to partnerships like yours, many just like this young woman were helped as they came through the open doors of our clinic during these last few weeks of uncertainty. Your help allowed us to keep the doors open and to continue providing essential, life-saving services.

Thank you for standing in the gap for LifeChoices and our clients!

*Names have been changed to protect the confidentiality of our clients.