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Recently some of our staff visited with Ukraine refugees who were forced to flee their home as missiles and gunfire crashed in around them. Details about their flight to freedom gave us pause to praise God for their safety but also to lift in prayer the many who are still fighting to survive.

Former Pastor and White House congressional aide Wallace B. Henley said, “When men and women no longer revere God, they lose reverence and respect for the life He has created in the womb as well as the lives of innocents rushing to shelters amidst a fiery war.”

At LifeChoices our team responds daily to crises where life hangs in the balance. We see first-hand the outcome of generations pushing aside respect for life – whether that be a baby in the womb or a victim of abuse and exploitation. For those we serve, hope in Jesus seems so very distant but your gifts to LifeChoices enable us to serve many who are caught in the crossfire of sexual chaos and to show them that every life has immeasurable value and worth.

Of the thousands of individuals we serve each year who are facing a mistimed, unplanned pregnancy, 91% choose life!

Your partnership keeps the fight for LIFE possible. Thank you for standing strong!